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Credit Ratings

Mortgage Lending criteria is based on many factors of your loan application. Besides credit, income and downpayment play a large factor in the approval of your mortgage application.

We  have provided information about credit reports and Credit Guide Scoring used in Conventional Financing. If your credit is perfect, do not fret. There is a Sub-Prime Lending Market for individuals with imperfect credit.

Credit Reporting Agencies

Here are the addresses and phone numbers for the three major credit repositories: Equifax, TRW, TransUnioun.

What is a Credit Guide Score?
A quick and easy explanation of a Credit Guide Score. Don't try to figure out how they are calculated, no one knows.

The Credit Guide Score
A Credit Guide Scoring scale used by conforming mortgage lenders for basing mortgage credit risk.

Will my Credit Affect My Ability to Get A Loan?
If you have paid your bills, it will have no effect. If you haven't paid your bills, you may have some work to do.

How To Correct Errors
If you have errors on your Credit Report, you have the legal right to have them removed. Find out how.